[aprssig] GPS off track

Phillip zl2tze at yahoo.com.au
Wed Apr 2 04:05:34 EDT 2008

     Have am using a Toshiba Laptop Satellite 2140CDS, AGW engine,, UI-View
32, and a DRSI TNC2 as my mobile tracker

I have 2 New GPS units a GPSmart 12 channel  and new today a Globalsat
BU-353 SIRF powerd both of them

Both these GPs give me an error of 55 mtrs East and 30 North in Google  when
checking with www.aprs.if   and www.findu.com

I did a track tonight   (02/04/08 NZT)   zl2tze-15 with the new BU-353 it
has me not packed at my correct address.

On Saturday  ( 29/03/08)  I travelled to Nelson using the GPSmart GPS this
also has the same error.

Is this a GPS , UI-View , an error in the Google maps  or is it that these
cheaper GPS units are not the great ???

My correct address is zl2tze-4 on the Maps Google 

Any help on this will be appreciated     

73 Phillip

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