[aprssig] The real purpose of SSn-N

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Nov 29 21:10:17 EST 2007

> The difference between "Wn,SSn" and "Wn,SSn-N" 
> in a digi's position packets seems very inconsequential.  

Im recommending it because in many instances, it might be missunderstood to the apparent 98% of APRS users that simply are not up with New-N.  When it runs together with other ext in the Beacon it can be ambiguous.  Consider states like:

ALso after Wn,SSn there are only 2 bytes left that show on the 10x10 common displays, and those are hard to use.  SO shy not fill out the complete 10x10 window with what we are trying to say, that is, "Wn, SSn-N" or "Wn,SSSn-N" which identifies the capabilities of this digi.

> Few users ever set SSn-N paths at all...

Correct and we do not expect them to.  The purpose of SSn-N is NOT routine normal APRS operations.  It is to support the ARRL, ARES, RACES, or any other HAM radio emergency and special communications needs within their area of jurisdiction.  These communications organizatios make clear boundaries, hence the use of SSn-N.

Normal users who just need radial communiactions should always use WIDE2-2 or so.  But ORganized communications agencies within ham radio have clear boundaries of responsibilty and we want to facilitate that.

> So then who needs SSn-N?

Not the normal APRS user (he uses WIDEn-N).  But all the ORGANIZED communicatiosn groups in HAM radio that may need to communcate with their team within their area.


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