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> Sorry, I was repeating what Bob had said. I completely support the
> intent of this, but why are the beacons being filtered?

Because javAPRSSrvr is not packet filtering per the original design
requirements.  The only way to prevent the telemetry from propagating
throughout APRS-IS was for the individual server owners to block the
satellite's callsign-SSIDs.  Had they used a separate callsign-SSID for
non-streamed APRS-specific packets, then this would not be an issue
since only the streaming callsign-SSID would be blocked.

When I was made aware of the situation with GO-32, I tried to work out
that type of solution with Bob but I was told its operation was
basically cast in stone due to the age of the equipment and limited
configuration capabilities.  I am not familiar with the GO-32 hardware
so I am taking Bob at his word on that.  Once the operation mode of the
satellite was confirmed and that hams were using standard IGate software
to gate to APRS-IS, I informed the server owners.

There are now hundreds of javAPRSSrvrs in use world-wide and so ensuring
any type of hard-coded changes to it for every special case that comes
up does not seem reasonable or doable.  Even you proudly pointed out
that you are using an ancient version of javAPRSSrvr, so depending on
upgrades to occur across the board or asking the core server sysops to
change out their systems every time a special case is thought up only
threatens the stability of APRS-IS and the thousands of users


Pete Loveall AE5PL
pete at ae5pl.net

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