[aprssig] KB8ZGL messaging woes update

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Sun Nov 25 05:44:35 EST 2007

If you are saying the message suddenly appeared in msg.cgi, there is  
no way that can happen, data is only added to findU in real time. If  
you are saying the message link on find.cgi suddenly appeared, that  
could be real. Doing a search to see if any messages are available for  
a call is rather time-intensive, because the message table is so  
large. Instead of performing this search for each of the tens of  
thousands of times a day find.cgi is hit, the system runs a script  
every 30 minutes that determines which calls have messages (and  
telemetry, weather data, etc.) and stores all that info in a compact  
and easily searched table. This table is what is ht with every cgi,  
but since it is small and kept in ram the search is very efficient.  
The price paid is when a new type of data is sent to or by a call, it  
will take up to 30 minutes before the find.cgi page shows a link to  
msg.cgi. However, the messages are viewable immediately with msg.cgi.

So, if the situation fits this scenario (no messages to pr from a call  
in 25 days, then messages sent but not link to msg.cgi on find.cgi),  
this is expected. If it is something else, you would need to provide  
more information before I could give you an explanation.

Steve K4HG

On Nov 25, 2007, at 12:24 AM, Michael J. Wolthuis wrote:

> Well, another update.  Something suddenly changed on us and all the  
> KB8ZGL-4 messages appeared all at once on FINDU.
> Mike
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> Subject: [aprssig] KB8ZGL messaging woes update
> Thanks to the support of WA8LMF we tested a lot of combinations and  
> found the following.
> We can communicate just fine between eachother with KB8ZGL-3.  We  
> can also communicate with eachother just fine with KB8ZGL-4.
> However, the problem appears when you look at map.findu.com/kb8zgl*   
> The messages show for KB8ZGL-3, but not for KB8ZGL-4.
> Yet, looking at the RAW APRS traffic from KB8ZGL-4 on Findu shows  
> the message traffic.
> So now I am stumped.
> Mike
> Kb8zgl
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