[aprssig] Beacon rate while travelling (was: Help!! TH-D700 reset)

Bob Burns W9RXR k4rxr_ at rlburns.net
Fri Nov 23 13:36:23 EST 2007

At 02:36 PM 11/22/2007, Bob Bruninga wrote:
>They are 1 minute CQ's for a nice local chat.  Maybe I should have 
>recommended a 1 minute rate via ONE hop.

Yes, that does clarify things. As a beacon announcing "I'm here!" to 
other APRS users in the immediate area, a 1-minute rate makes some 
sense...as long as it doesn't clog up the network by digipeating over 
multiple hops.

>I agree, on arrival in any city or high density area, then it is 
>time to cut back, and especially when parked.  So, yes, I agree that 
>1 minute is usually excessive for routine operations.

This is where the problem lies. Too many operators think APRS is a 
set-and-forget mode of operating. I see beacons locally coming from 
people who just aren't paying attention to what they are 
transmitting--home stations  beaconing at a 1-minute rate or mobile 
stations transmitting a status text stating their listening 
frequency, but you can't raise them there. Filling up the frequency 
with incorrect or redundant information is as bad, I think, than not 
beaconing at all.

Any recommendations made by experienced users, especially with regard 
to beaconing practices, really need to be qualified with some 
explanation and education. How many APRS users don't subscribe to 
this list and benefit from all the wisdom to be had here? How many 
APRS users do subscribe to this list and don't understand why a 
1-minute rate is good in some situations and bad in others?


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