[aprssig] Help!! TH-D700 reset

cgooden at insightbb.com cgooden at insightbb.com
Thu Nov 22 00:31:52 EST 2007

I went to plug my GPS into my D700 and for some reson my D700 lost its brains.  This happened just before I was leaving on a trip to spend Thanksgiving with my parents and I did not have time to grab my APSR notes.

Could someone please send me the APSR configuration for a mobil APRS station.  I would appreciate it if it would include the ISS settings, and the beacon text format for voice repeaters.  

I downloaded the D700 program on my work laptop and will be spending my free time reprogramming the D700.  I need to go out on Friday to find a RS-232 cable to reprogram the D700 so I can run APRS on the return trip.  RS-232 cables are getting harder to find these days.
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