[aprssig] APRS in Germany

Patrick Green pagreen at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 06:20:08 EST 2007

Hi All,

  I'm wondering if the same rules apply regards to repeaters as to
digipeating in Germany as in it's not allowed unless it's the club
station.  I'm 15.3 miles from the closest digi and can't get into the
network without using a beam and the nearest node where I can get a
"full" feed is further still.  In fact I can only get the feed if I
stand on one leg and hold the beam in precisely one spot if you know
what I mean.  There's a station that's 4 miles away but isn't on 24/7
and when on, doesn't digi.  Let me know.

73 de Pat --- KA9SCF in DL

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