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> On Mon, 19 Nov 2007, Michael Hatzakis Jr MD wrote:
> > I don't see any serial port on the wireless G
> router, WRT54G or GL/GS, and
> > have checked the versions on Linksys web site, can
> someone show me where
> > that port is?
> You have to open it up and add a connector,
> including drilling holes
> in the case to mount it.
> If I remember correctly the second port requires the
> addition of a
> MAX232 chip and some caps, plus of course yet
> another connector.

You do remember correctly. :)

The first serial port is a full fledged serial port
(TX/RX plus RTS/CTS and other control signals).  The
second serial port is a kludge of sorts using the GPIO
(general purpose input/output) pins to twiddle the
MAX232 chip.  This second serial port is a two wire
port only, it will not have any form of control
signals.  It will also require a specialized driver to
make it work.  The first serial port is supported
directly by the kernel as a true port.

The WRT54G version 4 is the last version that supports
OpenWRT.  After that, Linksys went with a proprietary
bootloader and OS that precludes installing OpenWRT.

But seeing the recommendation for the Asus WL500, I
might just have to pick one up and play with it.  The
WRT54G negotiates 100 Mbit connections and has (in
theory) a 100 Mbit switch but the Broadcomm chip used
on board can't push speeds beyond 10 Mbit full duplex.
 I've been thinking of replacing it with something
that can.  Then again, I've been thinking of replacing
it with a full computer that can do layer 7 routing,
but that's just me. :)

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