[aprssig] WRT54G

Michael Conrad do5mc at friggleware.de
Mon Nov 19 04:08:36 EST 2007


> I understand a couple of serial ports can be added to a Linkys WRT54GL 
> or GS so a TNC can be connected. 
The WRT54G(S) has two serial ports, only a rs232 level shifter is required (MAX232CPE).

> Does anyone have a link to a site that describes
> the software / firmware that can be used on them? 
OpenWrt (www.openwrt.org) is a Linux distribution especially for this embedded wireless routers,
see http://toh.openwrt.org/ for a list of supported devices. Be careful, newer WRT54G(S)-versions
are not supported by OpenWrt, they have to less flash memory.

I would recommend the ASUS WL500g Premium wireless router, nearly the same platform, but in addition
two usb (2.0) ports, 8 MB flash memory and 32 MB main memory. (about 65 EUR here in Germany)

> Is there anything available to turn it into an IGate, or just a digi? This was also posted on
> the NWAPRS list.
As far, as I know, some people are running DIGI_NED on it, but there is an additional option available.

<promotion mode on>
Since mid of 2006 we (small ham radio group in Germany) are developing an aprs software called APRS4R,
primary designed to run on embedded devices to reduce power consumption. The software is written in Ruby,
so the software would also run on each platform with a ruby interpreter (Linux tested, Windows/OSX untested).

Current release (0.9.9) is the release candidate for the first public release.

Main features:

- KISS/APRS-IS support
- NEWn-n compliance digipeater (with intelligent path reduction)
- IS-to-RF messaging

- wx support for WMR 928 NX (more stations are on the todo list)
- web interface

If you want more information, please visit http://www.aprs4r.org
<promotion mode off>

I hope, it was okay to make some promotion. The core software is running stable (mostly ;-)
and we hope to publish the first public release this year.

Kind regards

      Michael Conrad, DO5MC

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