[aprssig] Changes to fourth.aprs.net and aprsfl.net ...

dave at aprsfl.net dave at aprsfl.net
Sun Nov 18 18:10:54 EST 2007

Hi all,

This should have zero bearing on users, but may affect those of you who
graph what server does what for applications.

Fourth (core) and APRSFL had been running as the same server for almost a
year, under the server named "aprsfl".

I have broken this into two servers now:

fourth.aprs.net / fourth.ipv6.aprs.net now identifies as "fourth" and is
running on the previous quad core xeon server.

aprsfl.net / ipv6.aprsfl.net now identifies as "aprsfl" and is running on a
new 8 core CentOS server.

The load of both sets of users running on the same application was starting
to get high, at times running 350-400 users half of whom were getting full
feeds and easily exceeding 10MB/sec 24/7, so this is to even out the load
some more between the two sets of users who use the box.

The third core box I also run is still in a Dallas co-location center,
however both the fourth core and APRSfl servers are in my server farm in

Just FYI.


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