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Sun Nov 11 07:31:28 EST 2007

From: Andrew Rich
Posted At: Sunday, November 11, 2007 2:39 AM
Subject: [aprssig] APRS IS question

If I set my station up like this, will messaging work ?
APRS Server filter p/VK

You will receive all packets generated by VK stations.

A UI-View person will need to tell you what this does.
How does UI-VIEW or IS for that matter know, where to message me ?

If you have been heard on RF and not directly on APRS-IS (in other words, not directly connected to APRS-IS via a TCP connection) within the past 30 minutes, messages for your station will be gated to RF if the IGate is set to transmit on RF.
Is the IS smart enough to know the reverse path for messaging to me ?

No because the received path may not reach you (think of all of the received WIDEn-n variations, for instance, versus the actual transmitted path).

Or is it a case of just broadcast support in VK areas ?

The IGate will use the path it has configured for gating to RF.  Also, there is no pacing due to the potential for significant delays in packets or the potential for dropped packets.  If you try to make your local frequency "busy" by gating to RF all VK originated packets, you will find that the local frequency will be useless for local operators since your local frequency utilization will be completely occupied by the IGate.  Better to let the IGate and the server manage gating messages to your local RF frequency as they do this very well.

Hope this helps.


Pete Loveall AE5PL

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