[aprssig] Re: Puxing PX-777

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Thu Nov 8 04:21:27 EST 2007

So many of the reverse SMA stuff now made for WiFi, it was only a matter
of time before it turned up on Ham gear.   Remember, that's how the
infernal SO239/PL259 got used, it was very common in baseband video use
at the time.  In both cases, it does the job (maybe not on UHF in the
case of the 239/259) and it's overiding quality, it's cheap in quantity
and easy to get.

In any case, you can get adapters to BNC etc now.


Dave G0WBX.

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> Scott Miller wrote:
> > And to answer some frequently-asked questions, the speaker mic 
> > connector is the Kenwood style, and the antenna is SMA, but 
> with the 
> > opposite gender you find on most ham rigs.
> Do these guys think they're doing WiFi gear???
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