[aprssig] Voice Repeater NO-TONE

Chuck Kimball n0nhj at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 5 06:34:52 EST 2007

How about instead of T for tone, D for digital and the 3 digit DPL code
i.e. D023

And just 1750 for the burst tone repeaters.  No Prefix at all.  

T000   or T088,  T100  etc.
D023, 025,026,031 etc.

Chuck  n0nhj

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Bob Bruninga wrote:
> Regarding NO-TONE:
> The D710 needs to parse it so that when you see someone with their
 frequency and tone, then pushing the TUNE button will tune the radio
 immediately to that station.
> RIght now the D710 does not adjust the tone, but that was because we
 still had not standardized on the TNNN at the time.  Now I hope  they
 will see that we can get a standard going so that the radio will parse
> Bob, WB4APR
Now THAT is really is forward-looking thinking.   Cool.....

Now to throw a monkey wrench into the works:

How do we accomodate DCS (Digital Coded Squelch) a.k.a DPL ("Digital PL
- Motorola) a.ka. DCG (Digital Channel Guard - GE) a.k.a DCTS (Digital 
Coded Tone Squelch - Icom) into this scheme???  

More and more of the newer radios can now encode/decode the 100+ DCS 
codes that actually superimposes a continuous stream of digital data,
about 131baud, on the transmitted signal instead of a simple sine wave 
single CTCSS tone.   Sooner or later, we are going to see repeaters 
going to DCS.  Though most likely mostly closed systems with a small 
group of hard core "techie" members.


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