[aprssig] APRS <> Aloha/CAMEO

Danny Messano danny at messano.net
Fri Mar 30 13:31:32 EDT 2007

I have a project that has been presented to me, and I have been beating
around the best way to handle it.
We are trying to set up remote weather stations at some key locations in the
area for emergency management, and pipe the data into the Aloha/Cameo
(http://archive.orr.noaa.gov/cameo/aloha.html) setup.  We would like to be
able to selectively grab the data from one WX Station and pipe it into Aloha
depending on the incident.
Aloha is typically used with a straight serial connection to the WX Station,
AFAIK.  Aloha looks for a specific data string from the WX stations.  I have
beat around several ideas, such as COM<> IP adapters and a serial server
(several variations) or using APRS.  I like the idea of using APRS because
the data could be used to serve the public via APRS and the CWOP program.
What I would like to do is set each weather station up on APRS, pipe the
data into APRS-IS, and then come up with some sort of IP <> Com app that
would connect to APRS-IS, parse the data from a specific callsign, reformat
it for Aloha, and pipe into a virtual serial port.  
Is there any app available now that will allow even some of this
functionality?  Anyone interested in writing some code?  Anyone have some
good VB.net snippits that I can use? lol
This would be a really good app for any emergency managers who use
Aloha/CAMEO, as it would allow them access to any APRS-IS weather station.  
Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
Danny Messano
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