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Okay, so "Drive by Wire" may have been a bit of an exaggeration -- Only the  
throttle system is totally computer controlled (just try to rev the engine in  
neutral). I'm looking for a job in their PR department  ;)

But thanks to those people who replied with helpful suggestions both on and  
off list. I'm working toward a "nice, neat, interference free" installation  
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Wow, I had no idea those Japanese cars  had drive by wire and not a 
conventional steering system. That would scare  the heck out of me.  
Can't stand to fly in jets with just fly by wire  systems. I like the 
hybrids myself.

If you're concerned about RF  getting into the computers on the car, what 
if you have one and are driving  next to some guy with a high power HF 
station in his car on the way to  Dayton? You not only have to worry 
about your own transmitter, but also  someone else - or what about 
getting close to a commercial  transmitter?

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Subject: [aprssig] D700 vs Prius
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I am relatively new to this list but  have seen some discussion of  
installation of Kenwood TM-D700As in  various vehicles. 

For a new wrinkle (for me) I want to install the radio  in a Toyota Prius.  
It, of course, has some issues. 

First, it  has a relatively small capacity 12VDC battery. This battery  
basically  runs the control system and computers. All the heavy lifting is 
done  by  
the 200VDC battery. Therefore I believe I won't be able to let the   system 
continuously when the vehicle is parked. 

Second, the  Prius is basically a "drive by wire" vehicle, heavy on  
and  such. I'm worried that the presence of a transmitter in the car  may  
cause some malfunction. The last comment of the Experience center was  that  
unapproved modifications may void the warranty! Contact with the  dealer and 
"Toyota Customer Experience Center" have not been any  help. I believe 
someone on  
this list mentioned seeing a bulletin  saying transmitters in Priuses are 
up  to about 100 watts but I've  not been able to find anyone at Toyota to 
verify  that. 

Third,  suggestions on wire routing, power tap locations, etc would be   

Does anyone have any experience installing a D700 in a  Prius? Or have any  
advice on how to minimize problems? If you've seen  their bulletin on 
transmitters, please let me know where to  find it.

I receive this list in the digest mode so answers from me may be  slow. You  
can also contact me direct at:
_TGatje at aol.com_  (mailto:TGatje at aol.com) 

Thanks for any  assistance


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