[aprssig] Dumb FindU question

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Thu Mar 29 04:46:51 EDT 2007

Danny gets this right. My decision not to make even a simple callsign  
box on my site is very deliberate. If you start down that road, it  
gets very tricky if you want to please all the users of findU. There  
are language issues and a huge variety of user skill levels to deal  
with. A search form is something that requires at most intermediate  
HTML skills, so my intention is to leave that up to others. A list of  
those that have submitted their pages to me are on the front page of  
findU, and those are a good place to look for one that fits your  
needs. If you want something else, write it yourself, it isn't hard!

Steve K4HG

On Mar 29, 2007, at 3:37 AM, Danny Messano wrote:

> I think what he is asking, and probably what others have wondered  
> before is,
> "what is the right way to use FindU?".  He appears to have worked  
> out how to
> substitute the CGIs as intended, but was wondering if there were  
> search
> boxes or the like that he had not seen.
>> From FindU.com.. "Directly creating a URL by editing the  
>> parameters is not
> meant for beginners, though by reading the documentation and  
> experiementing
> a bit, anyone should be able to get the results they are after.  
> Other people
> have written web pages that allow you to enter requests to findU  
> via forms,
> this is an easier way to build the URL you need."
> To answer your question Steve, "Yes, that is the right way".
> To me, that's the beauty of FindU.. Once you learn what is  
> available on the
> site, you can craft links however you need, and use them on your  
> sites for
> delivering very specific displays of data to end users.
> If you are looking at making a large group of queries, or are  
> uncertain how
> the CGI's work, there are a lot of great sites out there with just the
> "enter this here" search criteria one may want.
> Danny Messano
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> noskosteve at yahoo.com wrote:
>> OK, OK, OK.
>> I admit it.  I'm pretty thick at times.  I've been playing w/APRS  
>> for 5-6
> years now with the D700.
>>  FindU is really neat and Steve (nice name), and the others  
>> responsible
> (Bob etc.), deserves all
>> the kudos possible.   BUT
>> How in the heck are you *supposed to* do a search on FindU ??
>> The position report page comes up with Steve on it.  I have just been
> mungeing the URL in the
>> browser, substituting my call all these long years.  Is this the  
>> *right*
> way ??
> You are apparently just entering http://www.findu.com into your  
> browser and
> then navigating links to get to the map which defauts to K4HG.
> To go directly to your own callsign (or anyone else's) enter:
>    < http://map.findu.com/callsign >
>           i.e. you would enter:
>    < http://map.findu.com/k9>dci-9
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