[aprssig] D700 vs Prius

bob evinger wd9eka at evinger.com
Wed Mar 28 18:45:27 EDT 2007

I have a honda insight also hybrid. HOnda did the drive train differently 
than toyota but still has a lot of electronics. I purchased it in sept 
2000, have a 109,000 miles on it. It too has electric power steering.

I have been running most recently an Icom v8000 75 watts out on 2 meters 
and with the insight no ill effects.  There are a few discreet frequencies 
that seem to have birdies but other than that it is reasonably rf quiet. 
The radios have never caused any issues with the Insight at least on 2 
meter frequencies.

It has a smaller than average 12 volt battery and I have killed a few of 
them by leaving the radio on too long.  The biggest problem was when my 
tiny tracker stuck on when I had a kenwwod in the back and it spent the 
night at full power.. dead battery next morning..

I dont know the specifics of the charging arrangement with the Prius. BUt 
for reference  in the insight the 12 volt battery is charged via a 
144vold(insights High volt pack) dc-dc converter. I have heard that the 
max 12 volt out on the converter for the insight is about 60 amps.

If the prius has a similar charging arrangement then you would need to 
watch your continuous current draw and make sure everything doesnt exceed 
that but I would think there is enough smarts in the car to trip some kind 
of a warning if it peaked over that even if its a circuit breaker. if you 
are just talking your D7 current draw should not be an issue I would hope 

Depending on  whether its the new or old prius from what I have read I 
thought the early model prius actually had a 288 volt battery pack and the 
newer priuses were closer to 400 volts.

Dont know if it helps but wanted to let you know that at least there are a 
few hams out there with insights that have not had RF ill's caused. 
Several years ago corresponded with a guy that actually operated HF with 
his insight, had a telescoping HF vertical popping through the roof where 
the broadcast antenna had been.


On Wed, 28 Mar 2007, Stephen H. Smith wrote:

> jim at stuckinthemud.org wrote:
>> I didn't think there were any production cars that had steer-by-wire
>> systems?
>> Virtually everything else yes, but my understanding was that the primary
>> braking and steering still had to be essentially mechanical, assisted
>> perhaps, but still work if the rest of the car dies.
>> IIRC Car manufacturers now have to do specific RF tests and make the 
>> results
>> available on demand via the dealers, so you know what it's been tested and
>> guaranteed for, so long as the equipment is installed as per their
>> instructions.
> The steering is still mechanical, but the power assist is electric.  Since 
> the gas engine is the Prius isn't always running, all the peripheral systems 
> traditionally belted or geared to the crankshaft of a gas engine(water pump, 
> A/C, power steering, power brakes, radiator fan, etc) are electrically 
> powered in the Prius. 
> BTW, both the gas engine and the 60KW / 50 HP AC electric motor are plumbed 
> into the water cooling system circulated by the electric coolant pump.   (The 
> 50HP three-phase 440VAC electric traction motor is about the same size as a 
> normal 2HP AC motor that might be used in a big table saw or well jet pump.) 
> It's not just the Prius either. Many new models are getting "electric 
> everything". My '06 Jetta TDI (turbo-diesel) also has electric-assist power 
> steering rather than the traditional hydraulic variety.  Makes it much easier 
> to implement variable assist power purely in firmware.
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