[aprssig] SCS Tracker

Jack Chomley radio at dodo.com.au
Tue Mar 27 09:03:30 EDT 2007

Yes, I have one........works quite well. The TRConfig software for setup is 
also quite good. The only Packet program I know works with it, is 
Paxon......which leaves a lot to be desired :-( Why they used a USB 
interface, I do not know........many other Packet programs could be used IF 
it had RS232. Its Packet operation has no mailbox etc.
As a tracker, it has an output to power up your radio, shortly before 
sending an APRS posit, after its done, it goes back to sleep switching the 
radio off. Repeats the process for each APRS Posit.
I asked the makers IF a mailbox would be installed in future firmware 
revisions.....was told no.
Cost is high, compared to Tinytrack and others, A$500 or so.  It does 
generate quite a bit of radiated "noise" on the 10MHz APRS freq, however 
careful routing of cable and physical placement can eliminate the problem.
It has NO digipeat function either.
One feature that is excellent, is it can receive off-frequency APRS packets 
and is able to "lock on" to them very well......I would suggest the 
hardware design is very good, however it is let down badly by firmware, USB 
interface, and possible lack of future good firmware features etc.
Just my 02 cents worth :-)

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>Any comments from users of this tracker would be appreciated.
>Clay AA3JY
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