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Richard Sharp, KQ4KX kq4kx at arrl.net
Mon Mar 26 22:43:26 EDT 2007

Actually, it was Dave (KG4YZY) who did the testing.  He was using a Kenwood
TM-271A and KPC3+ into dummy load with sample port and two D700s.  The
reason for the slower decoding is the D700 uses squelch CD instead of
software CD.





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What's the vintage of the transmitter?



On 3/26/07, Robert Bruninga <bruninga at usna.edu> wrote: 

Richard Sharp, KQ4KX has done some testing and concludes that
the better setting of TXD for his digipeaters is with a TXD of 
180ms.  His testing with a TXD of 150ms at his digipeater
measured about 9% of packets were not decoded.  At 170ms just
over 2% weren't decoded.  180ms and above was 100%.
He was using a D700 for his test receiver. 

For what it's worth.
Bob, WB4aPR

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