[aprssig] Registering OC30 and MAPOCX > Windows Vista Ultimate

Herb Gerhardt hgerhardt at wavecable.com
Tue Mar 20 12:54:50 EDT 2007

Ok, I guess it is my turn to take a run on this question.

The Mark and Keith he was referring to is Mark and Keith Sproul who are the
authors of WinAPRS and MacAPRS.

Now as far as the PM3 question goes.  Mark has stopped support for Precision
Mapping support.  It just got too hard to keep up with all the PM changes
and the integration to WinAPRS.  He is now supporting TIGER maps which are
FREE for downloading at:	http://www2.census.gov/geo/tiger/		The latest maps
are available at:	http://www2.census.gov/geo/tiger/tiger2006se/

I think Precision Maps are "prettier" than TIGER maps, but there is nothing
wrong with Tiger maps as long as you have a fairly new computer.  Tiger maps
are very memory intensive and you need a fast machine with lots of RAM to
make them work well for you.  I have been running WinAPRS with Tiger Maps
for several years now and, now that I upgraded to a modern fast laptop, am
perfectly satisfied with their performance.  I run WinAPRS Version 2.8.5.

The last time Mark issued winaprs.exe file for PM 3 maps was in Dec 05 and
was for use for the current version of WinAPRS at that time.  It was issued
for version 2.8.2.  It is still available for download at:
http://winaprs.org/downloads/pmap3/    I do not think you can use it with
the current version which is Version 2.8.5.

The only other version of Precision Maps that was ever useable with WinAPRS
was PM 5.0 but the problem was that these only gave you a 2/3 screen which
in my mind was not acceptable so I switched to the Tiger maps.  In Version
2.8.5, I don't think PM 5.0 are really useable any longer since you can not
change the drive letter to run the PM 5.0 maps off your HD, so I did not
even load any of the PM files on my new laptop.

I have no idea how well all these programs will run on Vista but I would
suspect there are no problems since no one has posted any so far.  I am
still running XP Media Edition and have received the free Vista Premium
upgrade.  I will not install the Vista upgrade till others have worked out
all the bugs.  I don't need those kind of frustrations.

BTW, for the WinAPRS users, there is also a specific WinAPRS SIG which I
included in the cc block.  There is very little traffic on there but that
should be the primary mailing list for us WinAPRS users.

If you have specific questions or problems with WinAPRS, feel free to send
me an email and I will try to resolve them for you.  I have been using
WinAPRS since it was first released and am still a very satisfied customer.
Hi, hi....

Herb, KB7UVC
NW APRS Group, West Sound Coordinator
Our WEB Site:  http://www.nwaprs.info

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> Hey, Mark and/or Keith...
> With XP there was a special procedure to get the two files for PM3.0
> operational. Have you done anything with Vista yet? Any guidance on how
> to get the OC30.dll and MAPOCX.ocx files to register and get PM up and
> running?
> Thanks!
> --
> 73 de Jim Duncan, KU0G

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