[aprssig] The "portable" problem

'Scott Miller' scott at opentrac.org
Mon Mar 19 11:38:56 EDT 2007

> traffic?).  Here's the feature I'd like to see in the next 
> generation  
> of embedded APRS stuff...a digi with an "access list" that's semi- 
> smart.  You tell it the call of the "portable" station it is the  
> "host" for.
> So does this exist in a portable package yet?

It's on my to-do list for the Tracker2.  We discussed it some time back, and
I've set aside the ASSIST keyword for it.  The only reason I haven't done it
yet is that it requires a little bit of reworking of the relationship
between the APRS parser and the digipeater module.  That, or some
duplication of the parsing code.

The implementation will probably use the existing digipeater alias list and
just add an extra bit flag.  There are 8 slots in that list now, and since
it's unlikely that you'd want 8 digi aliases AND a portable message gateway
there's no point in eating up more memory with another list.

I think I had some concern with digipeating based on source call only (for
the outbound side) but I don't remember what the problem was.  Everything
the T2 digipeats gets added to the dupe check list, so it shouldn't be able
to result in a loop.  I could also make outbound source-based digipeating a
separate option, so that you could use a regular alias on the outbound side
instead.  At least that way it'd be traceable and immune to loops, even if
an echo did exceed the dupe check period.


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