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Victor Fraenckel victorf at windreader.com
Fri Mar 16 15:23:38 EDT 2007

This was posted on the NG sci.geo.satellite-nav this week. It is from the author of APRSPoint. I suggest that you check his web site:

>If you have Microsoft Streets or AutoRoute, you have all you need for
>live APRS tracking. Now you can take advantage of the superior maps
>that comes with it and use it with APRSPoint. We have update the
>installation process of APRSPoint so that it now supports Streets or
>AutoRoute. You can visit http://www.aprspoint.com for a free download
>and trial.

I have used APRSPoint to track manned gas balloons flying in competition from ABQ, NM for the past several years (in October) and found it gets the job done. With S&T it is a usable and inexpensive solution for my tracking needs. Note that I have used it with MapPoint as I am a registered user. I am also a registered user of APRSPoint. I will be switching to S&T for this year's event however.





*Victor Fraenckel
victorf ATSIGN windreader DOT com**

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