[aprssig] Need Archive of APRS Station Position w/ Timestamp

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Fri Mar 9 09:30:22 EST 2007

On Mar 9, 2007, at 8:30 AM, Richard Amirault wrote:

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>>> A friend of mine was in an accident the other day (he's okay).
>>> Unfortunately, the facts of the accident are in dispute.  He has a
>>> D700 in the car and was beaconing positions on APRS at the time.   
>>> Are
>>> there any other resources out there that would have archived (with
>>> timestamp) position reports that he could possibly use to prove his
>>> case?
>> You found a source; however, the track log of your GPS might give you
>> the data as well.
> RE: "....reports that he could .. use to prove his case"
> If the opponents lawyer (or the judge) is technically savvy you may  
> have a hard time "proving" anything.  Printing out a list of data  
> and bringing it into court will not prove anything.  What is the  
> difference between that and someone creating a list of data ON  
> data and taking that list into court as "proof"?
> While you will be taking in valid data .. how can you prove that it  
> is, indeed, the actual, unmodified, data from the incident?

On the other hand, one is considered innocent until proven guilty.  
Evidence like this may be enough to tip the balance, especially if  
the opposing side does not have any specific attack on it. When you  
get down to it, how does anyone "prove" anything in court? Even  
"hard" evidence is interpreted and presented by fallible human beings...

Steve K4HG

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