[aprssig] APRSplus and KipSS/PE with AGWPE

Tim Cunningham tim_cunningham at mindspring.com
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APRS+SA will also work with bitmap files for maps like most other APRS programs.

Basically you would have to save a map image, any map image, and calibrate the corner coordinates for that image.


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  kf8zn at yahoo.com wrote: 
    I have a p166 I am thinking of pressing into APRS Service. Who has experience with this program?


  Unless you can scare up an at-least   6-years-old    out-of-print   older version of Delorme Street Atlas, you won't be able to do any mapping.   

  The ONLY mapping application that works with APRSplus is the old-style "classic" version of Street Atlas ending with version 9 in 2001.     

  APRSplus DOES NOT work with the current new-style Delorme Products including Street Atlas  and TopoUSA.   

  If you only want to use APRSplus as an igate or messaging client it will work on a P166.  


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