[aprssig] APRS Multi-Mode Tracker

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Mar 5 09:21:07 EST 2007

> I need some advice on building a multi-mode APRS tracker. 
> The attached schematic illustrates what I'm trying to do.  
> [It will be] a beacon-style tracker that will simultaneously 
> feed the GPS position and APRS network traffic to a laptop 
> PC.  The GPS data would be used for onboard vehicle 
> navigation and the APRS feed is to monitor the location of 
> other stations. 

I think what you are describing is what all APRS clients have
always done.  All you need is a radio and a TNC to go in the
"black box" on your diagram.  Even without the PC, the KPC-3+
TNC can work stand-alone for when you don't want the PC.  Or you
can go without the TNC at all and use only the sound card on the
PC and the AGW software.  Or just put in a D7 or D700 radio that
does it all.


> I'm using a dedicated radio (Yaesu FT-1500) for this purpose. 
>  The FT-1500 has a 6-pin DIN port on the back specifically 
> for TNC communications. 
> My original design concept was to attach a Byonics TinyTrak3+ 
> <http://www.byonics.com/tinytrak/tt3plus.php>  to the 
> microphone connector of the radio for the beacon.  An RS-232 
> splitter <http://www.sfcable.com/store/d920-yy.html>  would 
> send the GPS 
> <http://www.deluoelectronics.com/customer/product.php?producti
d=99>  data to the TinyTrak and to the laptop simultaneously.  >
An Elcom USB MicroTNT <http://www.elcom.gr/>  in KISS / 
> listen mode attached to the radio's data port would send all 
> of the APRS data to the laptop.  Will this work?
> Alternatively, I just read a writeup about the PacComm 
> <http://www.paccomm.com/>  dual-port PicoPacket...
> It looks like the PicoPacket will do all of the above, w/o 
> the need for a second TNC or strange cabling, yes?
> Thanks!
> 73, N3XFD 
> -- 
> Scott W. Drumm
> swdrumm at gmail.com 

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