[aprssig] APRS Multi-Mode Tracker

Scott Drumm swdrumm at gmail.com
Sun Mar 4 18:21:21 EST 2007

I need some advice on building a multi-mode APRS tracker.

The attached schematic illustrates what I'm trying to do.  In case the list
manager strips attachments, it shows that I want to build a beacon-style
tracker that will simultaneously feed the GPS position and APRS network
traffic to a laptop PC.  The GPS data would be used for onboard vehicle
navigation and the APRS feed is to monitor the location of other stations.

I'm using a dedicated radio (Yaesu FT-1500) for this purpose.  The FT-1500
has a 6-pin DIN port on the back specifically for TNC communications.

My original design concept was to attach a Byonics
TinyTrak3+<http://www.byonics.com/tinytrak/tt3plus.php>to the
microphone connector of the radio for the beacon.  An RS-232
splitter <http://www.sfcable.com/store/d920-yy.html> would send the
to the TinyTrak and to the laptop simultaneously.  An Elcom USB
MicroTNT <http://www.elcom.gr/> in KISS / listen mode attached to the
radio's data port would send all of the APRS data to the laptop.  Will this

Alternatively, I just read a writeup about the
PacComm<http://www.paccomm.com/>dual-port PicoPacket...

It looks like the PicoPacket will do all of the above, w/o the need for a
second TNC or strange cabling, yes?

73, N3XFD

Scott W. Drumm
swdrumm at gmail.com
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