[aprssig] Re:All APRS Digipeaters In The World (Almost!) MappedOn UIview

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Fri Mar 2 17:07:35 EST 2007

bruninga at usna.edu wrote:
> I recommend that CLIENT software that wants to resolve multi-use
> symbols, should use the originally intended color atributes.  Or
> at least draw a different color circle around the symbol if
> multiple meanings are intended.  Such as the WHITE (or green)
> circle that both APRSdos and Uiview use around any station
> symbol that sends out an Igate status packet.  

Huh??    UIview draws a blue square outline (not a filled box) around an 

> I wish Uiview had
> used WHITE, so that it could use a GREEN circle around any
> symbol that digipeats.

Used white for what?

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