[aprssig] Compatible GPS for waypoint upload?

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Mon Jun 18 04:22:13 EDT 2007

Hi Bill..

The argument about not knowing what site you are going to does not hold
water, as just because the link is for example "joe.blogs.com/index/",
means nothing, that link, or more importantly embedded links on that
page (not real by the way) can direct you absolutely anywhere without
your prior knowledge.  Look at the problems with Myspace, and the
malformed images in adverts that the individual page owners have no
control over, resulting in all sorts of troubles.

One of the original links in any case, that website was trying to do
some very odd stuff, invoking Stack Overflows in the JVM, and that was a
"known destination", so in your book potentially safe?

I don't know what mail software you use, but the long URL's are usually
very broken by the time they arrive via even just one mail server.  <>
braces just DO NOT work to keep it together, there are many hundreds of
examples of broken but braced URL's on this list.

TinyUrl (for one) support a "Preview" function, where you get a very
basic page that shows the long URL before you go there.  So no reason
not to use it.

I'm sure if I or anyone else on this list posted a tiny URL that went
anywhere malicious, we'd know about it and be booted off the list tuit

Rant over, if anyone actually reads down to this depth in this

Dave G0WBX (yes, not a good day so far!) 

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> > > Short urls'...  (Why does everyone insist on posting long 
> links that 
> > > get broken by the mail process....?) http://tinyurl.com/etc.
>  <http://www.findu.com>  - < > braces will usually keep a 
> long URL together so it's not broken by mail..
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