[aprssig] Traffic Message Channel

Andreas Junge, N6NU aprs at n6nu.org
Thu Jun 14 14:53:04 EDT 2007

I don't think it is a good idea to broadcast that kind of information.
Kamal, KA6MAL, has an experimental Traffic Info and Aviation Weather bot
(METAR) running. One request, one response.

Send a APRS message to KA6MAL-4 and use "?HWY 101" for example for traffic
info for HighWay 101. To get the METARs use "?AVWX SFO".

This is experimental, so your milage may vary ...


Andreas, N6NU

>> > TMC (Traffic Message Channel) connectors
>> > that where you'd connect a receiver to get live traffic information.
>> This seems like a good thing to gateway to local APRS RF, if there's
>> a standalone receiver available, or some way to get the data off the
>> internet.
> Maybe. I'd want to see just how much data is there (to add to
> an already busy channel) and how useful it is. Much of the
> traffic info that is currently derived from police incident data
> is pretty poorly managed. It's getting better, but ...
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