[aprssig] Compatible GPS for waypoint upload?

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Thu Jun 14 04:00:34 EDT 2007

That Maxtek unit (the tigerdirect link) shows it has what looks like a
2.5mm "COMM" port, but no details as to why.  (TH-D7 connection?)
Another user has commented that it runs WindowsCE, so it's probably
hackable by someone, UiView perhaps?

The Navigadget unit, and the Maxtek one too, I think have USB Host ports
as well, for whatever they do with them.  Extra memory perhaps, but....

Short urls'...  (Why does everyone insist on posting long links that get
broken by the mail process....?)



("Interesting" how the Tigerdirect site with a bad URL causes a "stack
overflow" in the JVM, what's someone trying to do there I wonder....)

Dave G0WBX.
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