[aprssig] Compatible GPS for waypoint upload?

Tapio Sokura oh2kku at iki.fi
Tue Jun 12 16:50:04 EDT 2007

Curt, WE7U wrote:
> On Tue, 12 Jun 2007, 'Scott Miller' wrote:
>>Are they really that much better than anything else?  Guess I'd better get
>>those added to my store - I've got a number of Deluo SiRF III units on hand
>>that I haven't even listed yet.  I think retail is $68 on those.

SiRF 3 units really are good in the sensitivity side and work fine in 
quite dense forests. I have a gpsmap 60csx. The accuracy per se isn't 
better than in other less-sensitive units when there is a good view of 
the sky, but of course if you have limited skyview and don't get a lock 
at all with the less sensitive unit, there's a huge practical difference.

> The ones I know about so far are:
>     Garmin GPSMap 60CS and 60CSx
>     Garmin GPSMap 76CS and 76CSx

You have to be careful here. The 60cs, 60c, 76cs, and 76c (never mind 
the capitalization) are older units with a Garmin GPS chipset and no 
memory card slot. The 60csx, 60cx, 76 csx, 76 cx are the newer models 
with SiRF 3 chipsets and microSD memory card slots. The letters after 
the numbers in gpsmap 60/76 series each tell something:

c = color screen model
s = sensors model (includes a pressure sensor and an electronic compass)
x = new(er) edition model with SiRF 3 chipset and a microSD slot

The memory card slot is nice as well, as you can pack at least 2 
gigabytes of maps into one card (I don't know if the GPS units support 
larger than 2 gigabyte cards). I have a 1 gigabyte card in mine and 
quite detailed topographic maps for about 100 thousand square kilometers 
of Finland there.

The primary difference between the 60 and 76 series is the layout, 76 
has the buttons on top and 60 on the bottom. The 76 series is also 
supposed to float if dropped into water, the 60 series might sink. The 
firmware in both series units is identical (the firmware updates are the 
same for both series).

I haven't checked the serial port $GPWPL support yet as I don't have a 
suitable cable for the unit. This one has been a strictly outdoors-unit, 
in-car is another matter.


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