[aprssig] Re: HamHUD II Kit Group Buy In Progress

Steve Bragg steve at hamhud.net
Mon Jun 11 14:14:10 EDT 2007

Stephen K1LNX wrote:

> > Are existing Hamhud II's able to be upgraded to
> > include KISS support?

I (KA9MVA) replied:

> I don't know for sure whether existing HamHUDs will be able to be
> upgraded to include KISS support.  We will make an announcement when
> we know for certain. [snip]
> I *think* we might be able to upgrade the older kits with just a
> plug-in PIC upgrade, but I'm not sure right now.  Watch the HamHUD
> list for an announcement.

Jason Rausch KE4NYV replied, to the same question:

> Yes and no.  You will be able to upgrade by purchasing
> a PIC18F2525 processor.  This is a pin for pin drop in
> replacement of the current PIC18F252. 

...to which the excited Stephen K1LNX followed up with the inevitable:

>Sounds good! ...
>When will the upgraded chips be available?

Come on.  You do understand that we can't provide a fixed date?  Development takes TIME, and HamHUD's not my full-time job. (I wish it was.)  This is why I was being purposefully vague when I answered the question...  Development for the new kits come first, then Rev E upgrades.

Jason's answer is completely consistent with mine, but I am being more reserved.


Steve Bragg KA9MVA

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