[aprssig] iPhone

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Fri Jun 8 08:26:04 EDT 2007

Just curious if anyone else will be getting an iPhone at the end of  
the month.

It seems that Steve Jobs backed off from the closed architecture he  
initially proposed, and rumors abound that Apple will release an SDK  
next week at their developer's conference. I'm an Apple developer,  
and I will be writing an APRS version to run on the iPhone if it is  
possible. Whether it is web based or APRS-IS based depends on what  
the SDK allows. One rumor is that the SDK will be a modification of  
Mac OS X widget, which does not allow access to ports to connect to  
the APRS IS stream, in which case a web app will be the only option.

If anyone gets an iPhone and wants to beta test whatever I develop  
email me privately.

Steve K4HG

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