[aprssig] Trackers on motorcycles

Earl Needham needhame1 at plateautel.net
Mon Jun 4 19:34:47 EDT 2007

At 04:29 PM 6/4/2007, gerheim at cox.net wrote:
>On the serious side, I use a hard-mount handlebar mound for a Garmin 
>eTrex Legend.  The radio mount is "iffy":  I used some small bungy 
>cord, maybe 1/8" diameter to wrap/frap the belt clip to the 
>handlebar, then the D7 goes right on the belt clip.  Rubber Ducky 
>antenna.  I know it isn't everything you want, _and_ the D7 may come 
>up off the belt clip.  Still need more development.

         Back in the late '70's, there was an outfit that made 
handlebar mounts for CB radios.  The would either clamp to the bar 
itself, or in the case of the Gold Wing, it actually used the 
mounting bolts for the "pinch clamps".  I had one of these mounts, 
and instead of a CB radio, I put an Atlas 210X on it!

         Something here might work: 

>Have access to the battery terminals, need to put in a fused line 
>stowed under the pillion (Honda Shadow Spirit).  The pillion comes 
>off with a 10mm hex driver.  EZ.
>Have luggage rack, but not sure what to do with the antenna.  Not 
>crazy about running a line under the gas tank.  May run it over the 
>gas tank, but secure it with refridgerator magnets.  I know:  Scuff!  Scratch!

         I'd run the coax under the tank in a second.  It's no worse 
that in the trunk of a car, or out to mirrors on a truck.  And much 
better to scuff the outside of the coax than that expensive paint job 
on top of the tank.

         As for the antenna -- if we're talking about 2-meters ONLY, 
you can take a mirror mount for a truck and mount it on the luggage 
rack.  Antennas for 2-meters are readily available in 3/8 X 24.  If 
you want to use something else, either an NMO or a UHF mount, you 
might have to fabricate something.  Maybe a trunk lip mount, but 
that's not my expertise.  I've done the clamp on the tubing trick.

>I want handlebar access to the GPS receiver for navigation, and to 
>the radio for general principles.
>Very strange design problems.

         I took a quick look -- here is one place for headsets: 
<http://www.sierra-mc.com/products.asp?cat=228> I'm sure there are others.

         7 3

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