[aprssig] db.aprsworl google earth link

Tom Hayward tom at tomh.us
Sat Jun 2 17:41:51 EDT 2007

I reproduced this script with a couple extra features.

You can request up to 20 calls, separated by commas.

'az' can be specified in the url, but if not will use the station's
heading (you see what they see). If there is no station heading, it
defaults to 0.

'tilt' can be specified in the url, but will default to 20 if not specified.

'range' can be specified in the url, but will deafult to 365 if not
specified. I haven't looked up the kml spec, so I'm not sure what unit
this is, maybe meters.

Note: the "fly-to" az, tilt, and range work only when a single call is
used. With multiple calls, Google Earth zooms back far enough to show
all of them.

You can access this script here:
and you can access the source here:

I neglected to include my username and password for the APRS World
database in the source. I don't have permission to create accounts, so
I'm not going to distribute them either.

One thing I didn't know how to do was convert APRS symbol tables to
kml icons. If someone can enlighten me on this process, I'll add it to
the script.



On 6/1/07, Andrew Rich <vk4tec at people.net.au> wrote:
> Not unless you get the script changed to accept a change
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> I can create a network link in google earth that uses the URL
> http://db.aprsworld.net/datamart/googleEarth.php?call=XX4XX-ssid , but
> it defaults to a north azimuth and 20 degree tilt.  Is there a way to
> specify a different tilt and az?
> Wes
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