[aprssig] D7 digipeating success!

gerheim at cox.net gerheim at cox.net
Sat Jun 2 12:39:02 EDT 2007

Still programming.  Watch findu for k1qn-3 for progress.  

This kills me:  operating an ICOM T7H from the basement on low power, it hits N1LMA every time, but I can't hit the D7 upstairs.  Don't know if there's a problem because the signal is too strong, but it doesn't come out the serial port from the D7.  Have been working duplex to direct the "path".  

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> See attachment.  The "D7 DIGIPEAT" was appended within the calculator program, so it actually went from K1QN-3, in the basement at one frequency, to K1QN-2 upstairs (a D7) , and from there to the APRS net on another frequency.  It was the only way I could insure the packets weren't going directly from K1QN-3 to the net.  
> There are still some bugs to iron out.  The most pernicious one has to do with the cable.  When the batteries get low and/or if there's too much RF, the serial port may transfer commands OK, but foul up when an incoming packet arrives.  Can't quite diagnose or cure this one yet.  Very hard to reset once the cable goes down the drain.  
> It woiks!
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