[aprssig] Re: pocketAPRS Maps

Arte Booten n2zrc at optonline.net
Sat Jul 28 23:51:00 EDT 2007

Hi all,

Steve D. wrote:

>I asked to put them into the APRS Map Manager, but he only gave permission
>to use the ones he placed on TAPR's FTP server, not the ones available by
>sale of a disk.

      The reason I asked about these is that I have all three versions
of those disks.   My question pertains as  to what I'm permitted to do
with them.  If one strictly interprets (and I'm not a lawyer, nor have
I ever played one on TV) copyright law, I can only use them within the
license I bought from Mike M. on any installations of pocketAPRS which
I personally use.

      On the other hand, since these disks are no longer being produced
and pocketAPRS isn't undergoing further development or support,  can I
"give" a copies of several maps from these disks to a fellow ham which
(s)he would then use solely on their installation of pocketAPRS?  With
the above argument, I think not. 73

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