[aprssig] Why Should a Digi Use a Path?

Chris Rose kb8uih at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jul 28 14:56:48 EDT 2007

A position beacon @ 10 minutes is suggested to let mobiles know where your digi is in order to use it properly.  If you are only beaconing @ 30 or more, mobiles may not see your beacons at all.


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>That is, they would beacon every 10 minutes direct, only once evrey 30
>minutes to the next tier, and only once an hour to the second tier.

So, for my digi, a KPC-3+, two pathless beacons every 10 minutes, but a path
of WIDE2-1 every 30 minutes and a path of WIDE2-2 every hour is suggested.
Ok, that makes sense.

>then these Voice Repeater Objects are only transmitted LOCALLY and DIRECT
>by the well placed APRS digis.

I haven't implemented this yet. I'll look into adding a pathless beacon
object of the local 2M repeater.

>WX data however, has a little more scope.  WX data needs to be seen over a
>slightly larger region to get the big picture in an area.

I can see the purpose of this. I don't have Wx capabilities yet. Maybe
someday. Good maybe for others to know.

>Telemetry (KPC-3+) is usually only of interest to the OWNER of the digi,
>and so the path only has to reach his location.

True. I currently beacon some telemetry. On the next config change, I'll
consider changing the telemetry path to pathless. 

Thanks for the explanation, Bob.

de Ken,

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