[aprssig] APRS messages being seen by "base" station

Bernard Tyers bernard.tyers at gmail.com
Wed Jul 25 16:51:15 EDT 2007

Hi Bob,

Thanks very much for the reply (and the clarification).

Sorry, but a few more questions.

On 25 Jul 2007, at 21:06, Robert Bruninga wrote:

>> If I send a ... message, to another station from
>> EI8FDB-10, that station message response is
>> delivered to EI8FDB,  not EI8FDB-10.
> That is how APRS was designed.  Many of us have 3 or more APRS
> stations on the air at any one time (home, car, HT, etc).
> People who send you messages usually may not know which station
> you are currently near.

Hmm...I can understand the logic of it, but it seems slightly strange.

To give an example I can understand (I need things broken down for  
me:) )

If I have 2 computers with IP address, and  
that I "operate", and I send a ping ICMP message ("a hello are you  
there, if so  please respond" message) from to another  
computer say, I would expect .33 to respond to 1.2  

Or, at least if the 100.33 machine *knows* (through some magic  
service) that I own 1.2 and 1.3, I would expect it to reply to both.

Maybe I am being extra stupid here...I should of course read the  
spec. I will do that now.

> We decided that ALL stations under your call will RECEIVE any
> message to any of your same callsign stations independent of
> SSID.  But ONLY the call with the exact match  of the SSID will
> ACK it.

So, I should still receive the response to the originating radio (in  
this case EI8FDB-10)?
If so, this is my problem: I don't.

> Think of these other deliveries to your other sub-stations as
> "courtesy copies)...

APRS sees every station with "-XX" as a sub-station, even if the  
message originated from a sub-station?

Apologies if I am not getting the message (hi hi) here!

thanks in advance,

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