[aprssig] New OpenTracker+ features

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Mon Jul 23 00:46:55 EDT 2007

I just posted a new OT1+ firmware version - this release covers the Peet 
  Bros and Dallas/AAG weather stations and power control options, so the 
OT1+ should be fully caught up with the OT1.

I posted more details on the OpenTracker list, but aside from the 
offline configuation editing function that I finally implemented after 
three years of trying to find time, the most interesting thing is a new 
addition to the SMT/telemetry firmware.

The current version that's on the website now will turn on and off the 
power control output pin (pin 9 on the radio connector or ADC6 on the 
SMT board, 25 mA source / 48 mA sink) in response to an 'ON' or 'OFF' 
APRS text message, and will ACK the message.

Next up is access control and support for the other output pins, but 
it's enough to test out anyway.  And it's not specific to the SMT 
hardware - you can load the SMT firmware on the regular kit, but the 
telemetry pin assignments are wrong.  The code will wind up in the 
regular firmware as well, eventually.

On a related subject, what's a good after market battery for the TH-D7A? 
  Half an hour of sending messages to turn on and off an LED on my 
workbench and this thing's ready for a recharge.


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