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Ray Wells vk2tv at exemail.com.au
Fri Jul 20 18:32:40 EDT 2007

Danny Messano wrote:

> The issue is not with boycotting anyone.
> The issue is that T2 *cut off* the CWOP users with an hour's notice, 
> as I recall.   Yes, this was reversed, but they were *CUT OFF*.
> This is the basis for the "unreliable" statement, nevermind any 
> arguments you may want to make about T2.  If it happened once due to 
> politics/policies, don't think it can't happen again. 
> If I was using any service and suddenly found myself unable to use the 
> service due to a policy change by the sysops/admins, and then was 
> allowed back on later due to a reversed decision, I too would continue 
> to deem this service unreliable.  If there was a second option, and in 
> this case there is, I would not have returned.  Outages are one thing, 
> changes in policy are another.
> Cutting off the CWOP users was IMO as unprofessional an act one can 
> commit on amateur radio or the internet (and in this case, both).  In 
> our hobby we have a fine line between hobby/play and hobby/service.  
> Taking down a 1200MHZ FM Repeater you and two of your buddies played 
> on is one thing, taking down your primary 2M Repeater used for SKYWARN 
> in tornado alley is another.  There is a moral obligation to those you 
> are serving, and violating that is non-forgivable. 
> What happened here was very much under the category hobby/service, but 
> it was treated like hobby/play, or even hobby/playing god.  For that, 
> tagging the service as "unreliable" is much more than a professional 
> response to such an unprofessional act.
> dm
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>     Matt I was not saying that all data is not accurate. I was talking
>     about CWOP which NOAA has said it does not want on T2 servers. I
>     will not get into why becuase we have all seen the messages from
>     Phill and Stave on this.
> What I am getting at is the it is in the best instrest of APRS and Ham 
> Radio if we all could just put our past behind use and realize that 
> some of us rely on data sent to APRS-IS and that data needs to be as 
> accurate as possible. Thus my reason for connecting to no-T2 when I 
> need to see CWOP info.
> I am not trying to bash anyone here. I am just trying to make a point 
> that in order for younger folks to come on board and stay with Ham 
> Radio we need not get into aurguments and bash each other. I speak 
> from experence on this as I left a Ham Club in the past becuase of the 
> aurguments and bashing that went on. It's bad for Ham Radio and trust 
> Folks being 26 I see that we need to get "new blood" into Ham Radio. 
> However, I don't think the new blood is going to come on when they 
> join a list like this on or others that have to do with Ham Radio and 
> see all the basing and aurguments that are going on. Ham Radio is 
> suposed to be a fun enjoyable hobby, but to me right now it's not as I 
> have to read email almost weekly where people are basing this or that 
> person. What ever happened to the "TRUE MEANING OF HAM RADIO?" The one 
> where someone wanted to help a friend out? The one where you didn't 
> bash or have a aurgement with another operator? The one where we all 
> go alone and helped each other out even when we thought the other 
> operator was wrong, they may but; but if we helped them out them both 
> of us could learn.
> To Steve with the Core, why not work to support Ham Radio and work 
> with T2? Yes I know that I have "boycotted" them in the past but the 
> reason I say this know is that God is showing me that in order for Ham 
> Ok I know this email is long but folks this all needed to be stated. 
> Agian lets all stop the bashing and aurguing.
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I have no idea what this bun fight started over, and I don't care.

What I do know is that everyone makes mistakes, and the mark of an adult 
is to correct a known mistake, apologise, and move on, hopefully never 
to make the same mistake again.

Remember, the only person who has never made a mistake is the person who 
has never done anything!

Ray vk2tv

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