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Richard Nicholas Piper IV piper.richard at gmail.com
Fri Jul 20 11:13:12 EDT 2007

Folks I personaly have nothing aganist anyone that wants to see Ham Radio
progress. But it needs to progress. We all need to stop all the name
calling, bashing and other things that are going on on this list. We all
need to work together to help bring new things to Ham Radio. I have a girl
friend that was thinking about getting on board with Ham Radio but now she
and both have mixed feeling as to what to do. I at times have thought about
giving up on Ham Radio at times becuase of all bashing and name calling that
goes on in Ham Radio.

When I write emails on this list some times I can be quit vocal. This is
becuase I am 26 years old and see some of the actions of people on this list
as trying to put an end to Ham Radio as we know it. I feel this way because
to me they are sending the wrong message to "new blood" that might wish to
come into Ham Radio. To me they are showing them that they would do the same
to them. I am not saying this would be the case so don't go jumping at your
keyboads. I am just saying that all the bashing and name calling that has
been going on is not good when I know some of you "old timers" want to see
new people come into Ham Radio.

Folks please lets all try to put or past behind us and work to make APRS and
Ham Radio better!!!

Richard Nicholas Piper IV
Piper.Richard at Gmail.com
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