[aprssig] Mic-E

Jason Winningham jdw at eng.uah.edu
Fri Jul 13 19:56:45 EDT 2007

On Jul 13, 2007, at 6:50 PM, Robbie, wa9inf wrote:

> After all these years with a Kenwood TMD-700, I have to ask, can  
> the Compressed data mode be turned off??? Or is it the only mode,  
> Mic-E, that the Kenwoods operate?

it's not Compressed format, it's Mic-E.  Mic-E is _a_ compressed  
format, but there is a different compression used in the APRS  
Compressed format.

and no, you can't turn it off, unless you just put the D700 in packet  
mode and let something else be your APRS application (which I don't  
think is what you meant).


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