[aprssig] KISS example

'Scott Miller' scott at opentrac.org
Wed Jul 4 11:20:29 EDT 2007

Here you go...
C0 00 82 A0 A4 A6 40 40 E0 9C 62 AC 8E 40 40 6C AE 92 88 8A 40 40 01 03 F0
41 42 43 C0
The payload is 'ABC'.  It's just a raw AX.25 packet (with no FLAGs or FCS)
with C0 on either end and a command byte (00).  If FEND or FESC had shown up
anywhere in the packet, they'd have been escaped to FESC TFEND or FESC
One of these days I'll have to add a KISS explanation to my packet page.  I
know when I first started messing with it I was confused - KISS refers you
back to AX.25, but I don't think it explains which parts are applicable and
which aren't (FCS, bit stuffing, FLAGs, etc.)


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I am reading the KISS protocol description but it is not quite sinking in.
Can someone give me an example please of how to send a packet using KISS ?
Andrew VK4TEC

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