[aprssig] APRS Status messages.

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Jul 3 12:44:58 EDT 2007

> >...  When K4HG and Sprouls added the APRS-Internet 
> >link in the 1997, time frame, then the local
> >real-time comms... were extended world-wide.
> I'm going to be contrary here -- Bob isn't taking 
> credit that HE deserves.  I seem to remember Bob 
> telling how he connected two different machines 
> ... But it all worked!  And that was the beginning 
> of the TCP/IP feed we have today.

I think credit for the APRS-IS goes to Steve and the Sprouls,
since all I did was hook APRSdos into a TCPIP-to-Serial port
adapter so it could let APRSdos see APRS remotely.  I also wrote
a server and had telephone dial up built into APRSdos so that
you could dial-up and see the big picture.  But within 6 months,
the growth was so fast, that APRSdos was overloaded.  I took all
that out.

I went back to an RF-only focus for APRSdos, since just keeping
up with APRS going on around here locally is more than anyone
can assimilate anyway...


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