[aprssig] APRS Temp Tracking Setup

Adam Ploessl adamj812 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 19 14:19:49 EST 2007

Ok for my tracking project, I'll be tracking vehicles and bicycles over 7
days with approx 100 mile segments.  Some areas have no APRS coverage so
I've devised the following layout.  In areas where there is some APRS
coverage this will be adjusted to use the existing infrastructure.

Starting IGate -> 25 Miles -> Digi -> 25 Miles -> Midpoint IGate -> 25 Miles
-> Digi -> Ending IGate (Which becomes the startign iGate for the next day.)

Temp IGate Stations.
MURS Receive Only -> Private APRS Server
2m 144.39 Receive / Beacon -> APRS-IS
6m/70cm 1200 Baud Receive / Beacon -> APRS-IS
Mini-PC with internet connection.

Temp Digipeaters
2m 144.39 1200Baud -> 6m/70cm 1200 Baud Backhaul
TNC running UI-Digi

Mobile Stations
10 2 Watt MURS Mobiles Dumb Trackers with high gain antennas.
10 300mw 2m 144.39 Dumb Trackers
Various others (Kenwood radios, vehicles with laptops etc.)

What 6m and 70cm frequencies are acceptable for 1200 baud APRS use?  I want
to keep the digis off the main APRS frequency so that there isn't so much
clutter when the trackers are turned on.  I would like to use a seperate
band for the digi backhaul so I can use the same antenna with a diplexer and
keep a lot of traffic off the main frequency.  I haven't decided if 70cm or
6m is the route I'm going to take yet, I have to check the terrain of the
route, in some areas I might have line of site while others may be some
hilly terrain.

Not quite sure how to manage it all just yet.  I do have them set to beacon
once every 10 minutes sequenced out to 1 minute apart.  The first 5 will
probably never by near the second 5 (departing hours apart from eachother)
So they should be out of range of eachother.

Any suggestions on ways to improve this setup would be appreciated!

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