[aprssig] 6 meter APRS or meteorscater?

Ev Tupis w2ev at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 19 06:02:17 EST 2007

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On Dec 18, 2007 8:41 PM, Bob Bruninga <bruninga at usna.edu> wrote:
> Can someone summarize meteorscatter packet experiments on 6 meters?
> A sparkplug in our local ham club is putting together a group of many
 100W 6 meter rigs and the only thing I can think of that would be
 interesting is to set one up on a 6 meter APRS DX channel to see what gets
 through on 6 meter MS.
> Is there a beacon-net frequency already functional there?

50.62...   Spring is coming.

And the summary is that PropNET (what BEACONet morphed into) abandoned 6m FM operation due to the lack of participant interest -- probably due to the lack of available software (to support the Internet reporting component).  The good news is that 50.620 for FM AX.25 is certainly "available".

Of particular note is a network of 6-meter packet nodes in Arkansas that reside on 50.625.  Expect to get an e-mail if/when someone involved in their network hears you.  They use NETROM and don't like the idea of such operation.

Note: 53.53 MHz is a nationally clear frequency, scientifically.  It is 1-MHz higher than the national calling frequency (52.525) and the repeater split is 1-MHz in *most* of the country where there is actually on-air repeater activity.  That means that it is quite doubtful that there will ever be a signal on 53.53 MHz FM.  Politically, expect a firestorm, because 53.53 is a *possible* repeater frequency in the areas of the country where the split is 1.7 MHz -- even though there are *no* active repeaters using it.

Just remember: CONgress is full of people.  Some believe it to be the opposite of PROgress. :)

Ev, W2EV

PS: I am happy to donate a fully converted (to 53.53) 100 W transceiver (plug and play with a KPC3) to the cause if your person has an interest.  Just cover the shipping cost and it is theirs.  There may be a constellation of similar  "PropNET specials" (already converted) available...though there may be a cost, since they are owned by others.  Join the PropNET-Online list on yahoogroups to make an inquiry, if interested.

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