KC0RNP-1 Digi - WAS Re: [aprssig] Need Help...

Keith VE7GDH ve7gdh at rac.ca
Thu Dec 13 19:26:29 EST 2007

Richard KC0RNP wrote...

> KC0RNP-1 is UI-VIEW based at this time but the radio I am using right
> now is a D700.

If you previously set D700 up as a digipeater, it would continue 
digipeating if you use it with UI-View not in KISS mode. In KISS mode, 
UI-View would be running the show digipeater-wise.

> Future - I woud like to move the D700 back to my car and use it with
> GPS. Thus making use of a 25w radio I have and then getting a K3+ or
> one of Kan's TNC's that supports kiss mode, but as we all know $ is
> always an issue.

Any TNC that can do KISS mode would do the job. It doesn't have to be a 
newer KPC-3+. You cold look for a 2nd hand KPC-3 or perehaps get a 
TNC-X... www.tnc-x.com. Only $48 and another $15 for a nicely done 
enclosure. It can connect via an RS-232 serial port, or for a few 
dollars more, you can get the USB option.

> The J-Pole on KC0RNP-1 can not be moved so it will always be about 20
> feet off the ground or so, as I live in an appartment.

I'm sure the J-Pole will be fine.

73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
"I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!" 

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