[aprssig] A new APRS possibility

David Fleming ddallasnc at stx.rr.com
Sat Dec 8 19:45:58 EST 2007

I just discovered a new bit of software that has some really nice 
possibilities for APRS.

It is mojopac;  http://www.mojopac.com/portal/content/what/ . This allow 
one to run a small Windows XP environment in parallel with your already 
running Windows XP environment and all the programs that are run on 
mojpac are completely contained on a USB stick. My USB stick  is 8 Gb, 
but 2 Gb would work. The mojopac environment is started and all programs 
that are added in that environment end up on the USB stick, and this USB 
stick can be plugged in anywhere where a Windows XP computer is 
available. APRS+SA (as an example) is loaded on mine and I can carry my 
APRS software and start it on any XP computer where I can have admin 

... but I have some problems. While I can run APRS+SA off my USB stick, 
the Delorme Street Atlas USA 9.0 data CD is looked for in the new 
environment as the same drive letter as on the main system and changing 
it messes up my normal installation. Precision Mapping Streets and 
Traveler 8.0, on the other hand, loads fine in the mojopac environment, 
but UI-View will not start properly unless UI-View is already installed 
on that computer because of some shared libraries and such (such as 
THREED.OCX), and that really defeats the point of having it on the USB 
stick. Does anyone know how to make APRS+SA work with Precision Mapping 
Streets and Traveler 8.0.  This would solve my problem.

Has anyone used mojopac for APRS software yet. I get the impression it 
has only been avaliable for a short while.

David -- KE5NYD

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