[aprssig] QUAGI vs HELIX vs QUAD

Andrew Rich vk4tec at people.net.au
Fri Dec 7 04:51:22 EST 2007

Today I built and compared two 70 cm antennae against various satellites.

The first antenna was a RHCP helix with 9 turns

The second antenna, a 8 element quagi. (vertically)

The clear winner was the helix.

Anyone had similar experiences ?

I remember way back about 10 years ago, i built a quad with a metal boom,
and it picked up better side on. (not good)

I have kept to an 8 element quad on 2meters, it is really good.

I can key up a repeater some 150 km's away and i am in a ditch.

Andrew Rich VK4TEC
vk4tec at people.net.au

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